Many times in our lives we have moments that will build character and Define who we are. Dad had many words of wisdom, as all parents do.  Brian and I hear them every day as we go through business. “You Lead By Leading” Smitty would always say. And so true that is; how often that those words ring through as we have tough decisions to make or new roads to travel.
Dad had many Defining Moments in all of the family’s life.  Who hasn’t seen the “You’re in Good Hands” sign as he held out his hand and showed you. Whatever it was that you had come to him with he had helped to fix the problem, or had a way to go about the problem and with just a motion of his hands you knew; you were good.
Defining Moments  “Don’t Forget who brought you to the dance” Ok I thought what is he trying to tell me. As I worked along side of Smitty, both of us welding, with all of the employees working hard along side of us;  I knew that we could never accomplish any task without the employees we have and everyone dedicated to getting the goals we had in front of us accomplished.
Defining Moments “It’s tough to be a legend” I’m sure most of you are familiar with this saying.  Smitty always had the answers and when you needed to talk to him about anything he was there. He would help you through with any problem or trouble you had.  His door was always open. “That’s what Legends are for!”
Defining Moments
Keith "Smitty" Smith
On February 1st 2014, a basketball game between two young teams was played.  Dad was able to see once more a young athlete playing basketball as he has done all his life. He coached and mentored his granddaughter Maggie, dribbling with both hands and was able to see her accomplish goals. The defining moment as Maggie goes through life will be this last game and how he inspired her, she will hear these words all her life.
As you go through life there will be many defining moments that define you; I hope you have someone as great as Smitty to build character and define you.....
With Love,