Brian Smith, President

As Vice President, Bonnie’s responsibilities range from providing the overall management of company operations; financial success of the company; reviewing and approving all major estimates, revising and executing all major contracts, managing all legal issues; approving all major investment purchases and the review of all financial reports.
After three decades of extensive training seminars with OSHA, implementing a high standard safety program at UWI has truly become her passion. From hands-on training to group meetings, her safety program is second to none. Bonnie’s main focus will always be the safety of her employees!

Bonnie Smith, Vice President

As President & Estimator, Brian’s responsibilities include: providing management of company operations; detailed and precision take off of materials for various projects; to compile information for estimates on all potential bids, developing strategies and goals to ensure company growth and position in the marketplace; approves, directs, and delegates the implementation of quality management system and company policies.
Robert’s position is to pull all the information together before it is released to the shop. All drafting, engineering, purchasing and specialty items pass through him. He is the main hub, feeding the releases to the shop for production. Responsibilities include developing of detailing standards, managing detailers, checking drawings to ensure that shop drawings and erection drawings meet project requirements, manage RFI’s, manage drawing approval process and distribution of drawings. As well as verifying and approving all purchase orders for materials required. Dealing with vendors and resolving any issues that may arise with them. Maintaining necessary stock items as well as procuring any specialty items that may be required.

QA/QC Management & Certified Welding Inspector

Shane Smith
Shane governs and maintains all written quality control procedures.  He achieves this by over-seeing the entire Quality Control team and implements the latest effective educational methods of inspection and written correspondence involving the program. Works closely with Inspectors, Detailers and Fabrication Process Management to: Ensure the standards/ project standards are being followed, Handle any potential issues that may arise.
Trains employees: In relevant areas; reports any upcoming technologies that may aide the company, Assists in training shop personal in all phases of welding, fabrication, and safety procedures, Maintains current welding procedures and their availability to all welders.
Responsibilities include: Procedures needed for the Quality Management System are established, implemented, and maintained in accordance with the standard.
Reports to executive management on: The performance of the QMS and any need for improvement, The promotion of awareness regarding customer requirements throughout the fabricators organization, Review the QMS at defined intervals to ensure the stability and effectiveness in satisfying the standard, Communicating with external parties on matters relating to the QMS and the familiarity of AISC and AWS requirements for fabrication, Reviewing all fabrication drawings to ensure that all requirements have been addressed, Inspecting finished products for contract drawing compliance.

Senior Project Manager

Robert Rutherford

Fabrication Process Management

Jermaine Hudson
It is Jermaine’s passion to ensure any fabrication leaving this facility has been completely reviewed per quality control’s guidelines and job specifications. Our Shop Foreman’s responsibilities extend to managing and maintaining any necessary resources to all employees for all jobs. Responsibilities also include, reviewing detail sheets with shop workers; the availability of all material and equipment for production; ensuring trailers are available for loading and shipping; and informing maintenance of any malfunctioning equipment. Jermaine's 15 plus years of experience in the industry is paralleled by a high level of integrity, business ethics and a passion to continue increasing his knowledge of this field.


Luis Matos

Assistant Project Manager

Nelson Madruga
As a Detailer at UWI, it is Luis’ responsibility to review contract drawings and convert them into shop and erection drawings.  Luis prepares detailed plans, drawings and other documents for the fabrication and erection of steel members used in the construction of buildings, industrial plants and miscellaneous metals.
Nelson assists in all facets of every job including but not limited to, field measuring, detailing and purchasing. Nelson works closely with all project managers and has started managing his own projects.

Accounts Receivable & Billing

Nicky Marjama
Nicky Marjama has been with Unlimited Welding, Inc. since 1991.  She handles all American Institute of Architects Billing, NTO’s and Contract Procurement. In addition to helping with equipment rental and repairs, all of Nicky’s acquired industry knowledge has been obtained through decades of being actively involved in projects at different levels.

Accounts Payable & Payroll

Susan Reaves
Susan Reaves has been with Unlimited Welding, Inc. since 2000.  She utilizes ProContractor™ for employee documentation, job costing, accounts payable and all payroll reports.  All industry knowledge has been obtained through being actively involved in projects.

Records Manager & Creative Designer

Dana Terebessy
Dana has been with Unlimited Welding, Inc. since 2016. She currently works with our ToolWatch program focusing on tool records ranging from power tools and heavy equipment to our fleet vehilces ensuring tracking and maintenance records are current. This goes for all training tracking and safety documentation as well.
Dana has used her array of design skills and knowledge to create or update virtually all UWI documents. She is in charge of all creative designing from start to finish of our websites and social media to all promotional items even our employee's apparel, safety gear, hats and stickers.
"Seas the Day" 30 Year Anniversary Cruise - Bahamas
December 2017
Unlimited Welding, Inc. is Florida-based and founded in 1988. Today, we have built an expansive business encompassing 26,000 sqft. Over the past three decades we have demanded the highest standards from our team to provide exceptional service to our clients. We offer competitive pricing while maintaining the high standard of quality in all of our fabrications utilizing some of the latest CNC equipment available in our industry.  Our continued customer satisfaction is the key to our “Decades of Excellence!” 
The safety of our employees is of the utmost importance and carried to all levels of Management; taking precedence over production, quality, cost and service. Our team has earned safety awards along with great experience mods for all of our efforts.
Growing our company with the latest equipment and innovations is what we strive to do each year with our Equipment Budgets.

UWI Team